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Guangzhou (agrar-PR) - Date: May 10-12, 2022 Venue: China Import & Export Fair Complex
The East “Flower Giant”

According to National Forest and Grassland Administration of PRC, China has the world’s largest flower industry at present, owning the largest cultivated area of 1.35 million hectares, the highest output value of 201.6 billion yuan and the highest value of international trade of $620 million. With the implement of the national strategy of “Building a Beautiful China”, flower industry has become a key industry specially supported by China government.

Review of Flower Expo Asia 2021

As the most-anticipated flower show, Flower Expo Asia 2021 has attracted a total of 200+ exhibitors, including 24 Flora, Flower Century, Brighten Flower, Rachel Flower School, Juse Fanhua, Dacheng Artificial Flower, Sugen Flower, etc., to show a whole variety of new products, new technologies and new ideas of flower industry chain.

Preview of Flower Expo Asia 2022

As a leading flower expo in the country, Flower Expo Asia 2022 will keep making history with 30,000 sq.m. exhibition area, 300+ exhibitors and 11,000+ professional buyers, providing you with over 600 varieties around the world.

Following the rising tide of e-commerce in China, this year, we will put more focus on online florists with more cooperation with e-commerce platforms like 24 Flora, Huaeb, and inviting industrial elites to the China ”Florist+”Conference to discuss the future development of the industry in digital era.

Exhibition Scope

- Flowers: fresh cut flower (roses, tulips, chrysanthemums, violets, carnations, lilies, etc.), potted flower (orchid, daffodil, potted flower, grass flower, poinsettia, hyacinth, anthurium, peony, pineapple, hydroponics, etc.);
- Potted plants: succulents, sculpt plants, orchids, ornamental crops, cacti, seeds, bulbs, seedlings, potted vegetables, bonsai, shaped bonsai, fruit and vegetable bonsai, etc.;
- Florist supplies: dried flowers, artificial flowers, flower products, flower arrangements, packaging materials, decorative plants, flower pots, vases, flower stands, flower baskets, artificial plants, plant lights, etc
- Floral design, home decorations;
 Planting technologies: flower nutrition, substrate, medium soil, pesticide, fertilizer, biological tissue culture, biological control, soil additive, flower refrigeration, preservation technology and equipment, etc.
- Garden supplies: wooden houses, wood-plastic, water-view fountains, garden stones, rockeries, sculptures, fences, artificial decorations, outdoor furniture, swings, garden tables and chairs, landscape lights, mosquito traps, etc.

Contact Us
Karen(Overseas Organizer)
Tel: +86 20 2980 6623
E-mail: grand2@grahw.com
Whatsapp: +86 188 2623 0372
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Flower Expo China | Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
Flower Expo China | Guangdong Grandeur International Exhibition Group
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Xingang East Road Guangzhou
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E-Mail:  grand2@grahw.com
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